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Barbacks at The Chinook make $15 per hour plus a share of tips.

When you think of a bar’s service, the first person that probably comes to mind is the bartender. After all, they’re the one schmoozing with customers, taking orders with the point of sale system and making drinks, but there’s another role that’s helping keep service running smoothly. They operate in the shadows and help bartenders each and every service: the barback.

A barback handles a long and varied list of tasks on any given day. The Chinook at Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, WY is looking for barbacks and support staff to join our team. Our ideal candidate is self-driven, ambitious, a good teammate, and hard-working. Barbacks at The Chinook will be required to wear masks and/or facial coverings while serving customers and required to provide a TIPS certification or complete a simple 60 minute TIPS certification course before their first shift.

Cleaning tasks

  • Cleaning counters and furniture
  • Wiping down and flipping tables
  • Stocking the Bar with product and cups
  • Running food and clearing plates
  • Cleaning up the bar and table areas
  • Taking out the trash and recycling throughout service
  • Cleaning spills and otherwise supporting the bar service program

Stocking tasks

  • Keeping the bar fully stocked at all times
  • Juicing citrus
  • Preparing garnishes
  • Refilling ice wells
  • Replenishing the bar with glasses,, napkins, coasters, ice cubes, etc.
  • Replenishing cleaning rags at each bartender station
  • Restocking liquor bottles
  • Changing beer kegs

Opening and closing shift tasks

  • Restocking the bar for the following shift
  • Putting away shipments of liquor and beer
  • Tracking opening and closing inventory levels

Miscellaneous tasks

  • Helping the bartender with ad-hoc requests throughout service
  • Communicating with security when a customer is drinking from a personal bottle, getting exceptionally rowdy, acting inappropriately or when they suspect someone is underage
  • Placing incoming orders through the point of sale system or notifying the bartender

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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